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          1. Hello, welcome to the official website of Jinan Luhong Environmental Material Co., Ltd.

            Cuprous chloride

            Calcium chloride

            Waterborne Coatings

            Contact Us Contact: Manager Guo
            Mobile: +86-15550001877
            Fax: +86-53183511151
            Email: 1555501877@163.com
            Address: Huagong North Road, Chemical Industry Park, Diao Town, Zhangqiu District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
            Online shop: http://zqluhong.b2b.hc360.com/

            About Us


            Located in central Shandong, Jinan Luhong Environmental Protection Material Co.,Ltd. (formerly known as: Zhangqiu Luhong Chemical Co., Ltd) enjoys superior geographical position and convenient transportation for we are close to Zibo, Jinan (capital of Shandong province), Jiaoji Railway and Yellow River; at the same time, Jiqing Expressway passes throughout the whole territory of our region.

            Covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters, our company has a complete set of automated production equipment, advanced technology and strong technical force, as well as perfect testing equipment, and well-operated service and quality management system.

            Now, our main products are cuprous chloride, anhydrous calcium chloride, liquid calcium chloride, industrial water treatment agents and other chemical products; the annual output of cuprous chloride is 5,000 tons, and the content exceeds the national standard by more than 99%. The annual output of anhydrous calcium chloride is 30,000 tons, and liquid calcium chloride is 50,000 tons. These two products are known as "brand quality suppliers" in the pigment industry. We began to produce water treatment chemicals since 2015; we mainly produce ten series and over 40 kinds of products now, including scale and corrosion inhibitors, bactericidal algaecides, chelating agents, dispersants, reverse osmosis special chemicals, boiler water treatment agents, cleaning pre-filming agents, and waste (sewage) water flocculation treatment agent and oil purposed chemical agents, etc. With an annual production capacity of 28,000 tons, our products are widely used in electric power, steel, fertilizer, oil field and chemical industry, etc. The content exceeds the national standard and reaches 99.5%, and the technology level reaches the international advanced level.

            Our company has obtained a number of honors from municipal government, including "Clean Production Advanced Unitof City ", "Top-100 Industrial Enterprise in Zhangqiu", "Contract-honoring and Credit-worthy Enterprise" and "Taxpaying Star Enterprise", etc.

            Over the years, our company has gained a lot of experience:
            First, the period when users demand high-quality products is the promotion stage of our company to improve management level and production technology.
            Second, ensuring stable product quality is also to ensure the stability of customers of our company.

            Third, the user's strict purchase acceptance system is a kind of supervision and further improvement for our company on production management and quality inspection.
            Fourth, the responsibility to the user is actually responsible for our company itself. We are willing to learn from our friends based on such tenet of "mutual benefit, credibility-based, sincere cooperation". We hope that our products will bring success to your business, and create a better tomorrow for truly bigger and stronger brand enterprises and high-quality brand products.